Recently taught courses include:



  • Anthropology C125A / EALC C175 – Archaeology of East Asia; upper division course at UC Berkeley. This course provides an overview of the important theories and discoveries of the archaeology of Asia, including China, Korea, Japan, etc. | Sample Syllabus


  • Anthropology C125B / Japanese C176 – Archaeology and Japanese Identities:Changing Lifeways of Commoners Samurai and Nobles; upper division course at UC Berkeley. This course uses archaeological evidence of Japanese cultures to challenge mainstream stereotypes, and examines the implications of various Japanese identities.


  • Anthropology 128 – Special Topics in Anthropology: Archaeology and Anthropology of the Environmentupper division course at UC Berkeley. This course examines long-term sustainability of human societies through the discussions of anthropologists, archaeologists, stakeholder communities, and related fields. | Sample Syllabus


  • Anthropology 129C – Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers; upper division course at UC Berkeley. The course offers an introduction to Hunter-Gatherer cultures through time, with a focus on case studies from the North Pacific Rim.


  • Anthropology 134 – Analysis of Archaeological Record: Archaeological Materials from the Jomon Period, Japan; upper division method course at UC Berkeley. | Sample Syllabus


  • Anthropology N134A – Field Course in Archaeological Methods: Archaeology of Jomon Hunter-Gatherers in Japan. Field school in Aomori, Japan; for Summers 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 (Anthropology 133 for Summer 2004) at UC Berkeley. | For more information, click here.


  • Anthropology 171 – Anthropology of Japan: Environment, Energy and Contemporary Japanese Society; upper division course at UC Berkeley. | Sample Syllabus


  • Anthropology 2 – Introduction to Archaeology; lower division course at UC Berkeley. Introduction to the methods and practice of archaeology. | Sample Syllabus



  • Anthropology 229A – Archaeological Research Strategies: History and Theory of Archaeology; seminar at UC Berkeley. A required course that introduces scholars to the classic works and contemporary issues in archaeological thought. Sample syllabus-229A


  • Anthropology 229B – Archaeological Research Strategies: Research Design and Methods; seminar at UC Berkeley. A required course on archaeological methods.


  • Anthropology 230 – Special Topics in Archaeology: Various; seminar at UC Berkeley.  Each year, contemporary issues in environmental archaeology and anthropology, hunter-gatherer studies and/or East Asian archaeology are chosen under the title of Special Topics in Archaeology. Sample Syllabus

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