Personal Mission Statement

This website presents a range of my anthropological work, with an emphasis on archaeology and historical ecology of Japan and the North Pacific Rim.  My specialty in the study of prehistoric hunter-gatherer cultures in Japan, the Jomon, has led me to incorporate various aspects of anthropological studies and other related fields into my research at the University of California, Berkeley.

Since I was born and originally trained in Japan, and subsequently studied in Canada to obtain my PhD degree, I am committed to promoting active interactions between different academic traditions, particularly those of East Asia and North America. Coming from East Asia to North America, and having worked in Japanese archaeology, where less than 5% of professional archaeologists are women, I am a strong supporter of the inclusion of people from marginalized groups, including women and members of indigenous communities, in academia.

Key developments in my research (based at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) in Kyoto, Japan) for the past three years are listed in the RIHN project website. Updates of my research and related activities will be posted on this “News” page.