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Miguel Altieri will be speaking about Latin America on October 2, 2020

Regional Action on Climate Change (RACC12) Meeting: Date: 21:00-25:00, October 2ⁿᵈ, 2020 (Japan Standard Time): A member of this project, Miguel Altieri, will be speaking in “Plenary Session 3: Regional Resilience in Developing Regions” about his perspectives of agroecology in Latin America. 2020 RACC12 Program (posted on 9/9/2020)

Reexamining the Importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge: a Zoom lecture by Junko Habu: Junko Habu gave a talk for the Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley, about Archaeology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Agroecology on Sept. 15, 2020!

COPING WITH COVID-19 AND OTHER DISASTERS : An important research focus of this project is to evaluate the advantage of agroecological practice to cope with major disasters caused by pandemics, earthquakes and climate change. In particular, project members suggest that the COVID-19 crisis has created a moment where existing calls for agroecology acquire new relevance. See for example, a recent article by Altieri and Nicholls (2020): Agroecology and the reconstruction of a post-COVID-19 agriculture published in the Journal of Peasant Studies.

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