Collaborations and Academic Services outside UC Berkeley

Collaborations and Academic Services outside UC Berkeley include the following:

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Kyoto, Japan

RIHN is one of the six organizations of the National Institute for Humanities in Japan, and its primary mission is to contribute to the current discussion on global environmental problems. Junko’s Small-scale Economies Project at RIHN is currently at its Completed Research (CR) Phase (for details, see the description of the Small-scale Economies Project).

Integrated History of People on Earth (IHOPE)

IHOPE  is is a global network of researchers to combine study human and Earth system history on behalf of our species’ future. Junko’s research activities are being conducted in consultations with members of IHOPE, and her Small-scale Economies Project is featured as an IHOPE regional case study.

Japanese Journal of Archaeology (JJA) 

As a member of the JJA editorial board, Junko helps the editorial tasks of this journal, to promote the importance of Japanese on the world scene.


Collaborations with Scholars working on other parts of East Asia

As an East Asian archaeology specialist, Junko actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with scholars working on Korea and China. In 2014, Junko received the 2014 Senior Fellowship Program in National Museum of Korea, Seoul, to visit prehistoric Korean sites and gave lectures. This led to the publication project of the Korean edition of her book Ancient Jomon of Japan. In 2015, Fudan University in Shanghai invited her to give three lectures.

Junko was also a member of a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Partnership Development Grant: Comparative Historical Ecology in Ancient Northeast Asia, led by Prof. Gary Crawford  of the Univ. of Toronto. Crawford (Univ. of Toronto) (see for example, a conference in Oregon)..

Junko is a member of the Advisory Board of Andrzej Weber’s Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project.

Visiting a Bronze Age site, Korea, November 2014
Flyer for talks at Fudan University, May 2015