Collaborations and Academic Services on UC Berkeley Campus

Collaborations and Academic Services on UC Berkeley Campus include the following:


Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) & Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)

As a member of the Executive Committee of CJS, Junko Habu has organized a number of workshops and conferences with CJS and its umbrella Organization IEAS.  CJS/IEAS conferences on Jomon archaeology organized by Junko include the following:

Junko also organized conferences and talks that focused on traditional and local ecological knowledge, rural landscapes, and the consequences of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, including the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident:

Archaeological Research Facility (ARF)

As a member of the Archaeological  Research Facility, Junko regularly presents results of her recent research at ARF  bag lunch talks (Ask Nico about the link to the most recent bag lunch talk). As the chair of the ARF Publication Committee, she is in charge of the ARF publication series.

Berkeley Food Institute (BFI)

Junko’s research interests in past and present foodways and long-term climate change led her to become a member of the Berkeley Food Institute.  Collaborating Researchers in BFI include Miguel Altieri (Environmental Science, Policy and Management [ESPM]), Celine Pallud (ESPM), and Mio Katayama Owens (College of Natural Resources).